common mistakes dog owners make

13 Fun Halloween Dog Jokes Sure To Have You Laughing

Halloween Dog Jokes

What Do Dogs Say On October 31st?

Happy Hall-o-weiner!

common mistakes dog owners make

What Breed Of Dog Does Dracula Have?

A bloodhound.

What Did The Skeleton Say To His Dog?

Bone Appetite!

Why Was The Dog Scared Of Trick or Treaters?

They were dressed as veterinarians.

Why Was The West Highland Worried On Halloween?

He was scared it would be a terrier-fying evening!

What Was The Name Of The Dog Horror Movie?

Vacuum On Elm Street.

Who Terrier-ised The City?

Jack The Russel.

What Did The Other Dog Say To The Trick or Treaters?

Happy Howl-O-Ween!

What Did The Momma Dog Say To Her Son On Halloween?

Your sister is late, go retriever!

What Did The Evil Nurse Say To The Scared Dog?

Don’t be frightened! I’ll pooch you up nicely!

What Do You Call A Magical Dog?

A labracadabror

How Did The Skeleton Dog Know The Home Was Haunted?

He could feel it in his bones!

What Do You Call A Dog Dressed As A Vigilante?


Final Bark

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