celebrate Christmas for dogs

15 Amazing Ways To Celebrate Christmas With Your Dog

Celebrate Christmas with your dog in style this year with our comprehensive list of fun activities!

From yummy homemade treats and Christmas dress-up to the best presents and winter walks, this article will give you loads of cool ideas to spend a Christmas with your dog that you’ll always remember.

Ways To Celebrate Christmas With Your Dog

1/ Bake Homemade Treats

Christmas treats for dogs

Rarely are our larders as full as they are during Christmas. There always seems to be an abundance of sweets and treats during the festive season!

However, be careful what you feed your dog.

Many of the holiday treats we enjoy are actually harmful to our pets, chocolate in particular is a big no, no.

The good news is that we can still spoil our dogs and have fun doing it! Check out these delicious dog treat recipes for some inspiration so that your dog gets to chow down on some treats with you!

2/ Christmas Dress Up

There’s no better way to showcase the Christmas spirit than some good old Christmas costumes!

There is an array of adorable customers to spruce up your pal this Christmas! Whether it’s Santa hats, reindeer antlers, or even cosy Christmas jumpers; there are plenty of opportunities to dress things up a notch.

Just remember, not all dogs love outfits, so don’t force your furry friend into anything uncomfortable.

3/ Christmas Crafts

Arguably one of the best things about Christmas is the freedom it gives us to be creative.

Why not harness that creativity with our festive fur babies.

You can craft them something cute to wear, or perhaps make your own stocking especially for them.

The possibilities to have fun are limited only by your imagination.

4/ Spoil Them With A BusterBox

BusterBox Christmas Dog Toy Box

There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas for dogs than by spoiling them with presents.

And, there’s no better present for your dog than a BusterBox.

Our Christmas themed BusterBoxes contain a dazzling array of tasty trears and fun toys tailored for your pooch.

The only thing better than the contents? The delirious reactions when they see all their exciting pressies.

Check out our Christmas offers here!

5/ Christmas Photos and Videos

A great way to celebrate Christmas with your dog is to make sure to capture all those magical holiday moments!

Cast your dog as the star of your own Christmas show as you craft pictures and videos that capture the festive fun!

PRO TIP: Take a video of your dog opening their BusterBox and record the joy! You can send it on to us here and get featured on our social channels!

6/ Decorate Your Dog’s Space

Nothing spells Christmas like decorations do.

So, let’s celebrate Christmas for dogs by jazzing up their space!

Spread colour and cheer around your home by bringing the bling, and spice up the kennel with some cool decorations.

7/ Fresh Winter Walks

It can be all too easy to stay indoors with the colder winter weather.

However, your dog still needs their walks! Exercise is pivotal for a dog’s happiness and helps reduce stress, boredom and anxiety.

Clear your head and keep your dog happy. Why not make it fun and plan out some fresh winter walks of your choosing!

Remember that weather between -6 to 1 degrees can be trecherous so keep the walks shorter if that’s the case.

8/ Check Out The Light Shows Together

One great plan for a winter walk can be to check out Christmas lights together.

Plan a route to your nearest wintry wonderland and take in the lights togehter.

Perfect for building that Christmas feeling.

9/ Treat Yourselves To A Coffee Break

BusterBox The Starbucks Puppuccino

Winter walks demand hot coffee breaks!

Why not dip in for a coffee while treating your furry friend to a puppuccino.

The Starbucks puppuccino is a a totally safe, small cup of whipped cream for your fur baby. It’s usually free and it’s a great way for you both to share a treat together!

10/ Take A Holiday Together

Winter often requires us to hit the road.

Family reunions, catching up with friends and vacations are all examples of Christmas retreats.

Why not continue to celebrate Christmas for dogs by bringing them with you as you experience it all together.

11/ Support Animal Shelters

Here at BusterBox, we’re a dog treat box service that believes in giving back.

Not all dogs are as fortunate as our own. So, why not check out ways that you can help your local animal shelters this Christmas.

Opportunities may arise to donate or volunteer, and even adoption on the off chance you’re looking for a new pack member…

12/ Cuddle Up And Get Cosy

Christmas gets our vote for the comfiest time of the year. So cuddle up with your fur baby and get cosy!

Stick on Christmas movies, give your dog belly rubs and spend some quality time together.

13/ Christmas Day Feast

The Christmas Day dinner is one of the tastiest meals of the year. So tasty, that it may be tempting to feed your dog some of the leftovers.

However, some of the ingredients are not dog friendly, so you need to know what you can and can’t dish out.

Take a look at Purina’s article on what Christmas foods you can share with your dog.

14/ Read Together

Dogs absolutely love the sound of our voice,

In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why your dog is staring at you!

Read out some classic Christmas stories to your loved ones and capture the imagination of family, friends and furbabies alike.

15/ Spend Quality Time Together

Finally, to cap off our list we’ll finish with the most important one.

No matter what Christmas activities you plan, remember that our dogs want nothing more than to spend time with us. So, make sure you involve your furry friend in the fun whenever you can.

Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones, so do it together and bring delight into the life of your best friend.