BusterBox Helping Less Fortunate Dogs

4 Ways You Can Help Less Fortunate Dogs This Christmas

Ways To Help Less Fortunate Dogs

Christmas is a time for spoiling your dog. There’s nothing quite like seeing the excitement in their eyes when their present is being opened. From chew toys and puzzles to tasty treats and squeakers, there are several ways to delight our dogs during the festive season. 

However, not all dogs are so lucky.

It’s a sad reality that this Christmas, shelters will be filled with abandoned dogs. It makes it even more upsetting that many of these dogs have been left there because their owners no longer wanted them.

It’s a situation that is both cruelly unfair and heartbreaking.

However, there’s still so much we can do individually and collectively to brighten the lives of these beautiful dogs.

Let’s look at how we can ease the burden of animal shelters and help bring joy to canines this Christmas.

Ways You Can Help Unfortunate Dogs

1/ Adopt or Foster A Dog

At Christmas, many families decide to bring joy into their homes with the arrival of a new pack member.

If this is you, why not consider adoption?

Adoption has loads of perks. Firstly, you’re helping to save a life. It’s also cheaper with the money you spend going further to support charities which help other rescues. Finally, these dogs deserve a chance to live, to have a home and experience love.

Another option is to foster a dog. This means you minding a rescue dog temporarily while animal services work at getting them a forever home. It can be hard to say goodbye, but you’ll be helping a good boy get another chance at a happy life while simultaneously easing the pressure on animal services. Of course, you may not be able to adopt or foster, but there’s still so much you can do to help.

2/ Advocate, Educate, Inspire

With so many animal shelters overcrowded, word needs to travel to create awareness about this pressing problem.

A big issue is that many people are completely unaware to begin with. This is where you can help by educating friends and family alike by spreading the word through word of mouth and social media.

Bring as much light to the plight as possible and you’ll be creating positive attention around a serious issue.

Remember that education can also inspire others around you to take action. It may even lead to people adopting new pack members!

Don’t be afraid to speak up and be the voice for less fortunate dogs.

3/ Volunteer or Donate

Animal shelters perform wonderful lifesaving work. Unfortunately, there are times when they can be understaffed and strapped for resources.

This is where you can come in.


By choosing to donate, your moneyin can help assist in paying costs like staff, food, medications, facility maintenance, veterinary care and operations.

All key factors in helping underprivileged dogs survive.


By choosing to volunteer you can help shelters that are low on staff operate functionally. Whether it’s admin work or animal work, everything you do will help make a serious difference and ease the burden on the shelter staff.

4/ Provide A Less Fortunate Dog With A BusterBox

BusterBox Christmas Dog Toy Box

At BusterBox, we’re a dog subscription box service that specialises in sending boxes of happiness to owners and their beloved dogs.

Our boxes are full of tasty treats and fun toys, you can read about our dog treat box service.

We strive to spread love and joy everywhere we go. We also believe in helping dogs less fortunate than our own. That’s why we’ve partnered with charities to deliver BusterBoxes to shelters. We want to try make a difference.

And you can too.

If you’d like to light up a dogs day this Christmas then check out these three options we’re running:

1/ Subscribe

You can purchase a 1-month subscription here for £34.99 that runs on a month-by-month basis which you can choose to opt out of anytime.

2/ One Time Gift Subscription

You can get a gift subscription which is a one off payment you pay up front for a BusterBox. You can then gift it to any charity or shelter of your choice! Click in here to see.

3/ Check Out Our Gift Store

If it’s a specific gift that you think could make a difference then you can make a one time Christmas purchase here and donate wherever you see fit.

All our toys and treats are made with the utmost care and from the best materials and ingredients. We provide the best dog box experience in the UK & Ire, so we know what it takes to make a dogs tail wag!

Christmas is a special time, so let’s try and make it a special experience for all the wonderful rescue dogs out there. Whatever route you decide to go down this Christmas, remember that every little helps, and that you’re helping make a difference to a less fortunate dog.