A treat from outer space

Join StarMan for an epic adventure on his HUGE rocket ship and meet Alex the Alien as you explore moony. C’mon Astro doggies, space is waiting!

Your pups favorite sidekick
Space Invading StarMan

A sci-fi buddy that will light the way on their very own zero-gravity spaceship. Wow!

Shine the night sky with

Shining bright to illuminate the night, your dog can take a piece of the sky to bed for cuddles tonight.

Meet the cutest space companion
Alex the Alien

Never feel lonely with Alex by your furry friend’s side. A bond so unique that it’s out of this world!

Prepare for pup-off
StarMans’ Rocket

Give your Astro-pup an extraterrestrial experience. Soar the galaxies with StarMans’ Rocket!

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