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How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Summer Heat: 10 Tips To Avoid Heatstroke

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It's Important To Keep Our Dogs Safe In The Hot Weather. Click In Learn How To Keep Your Pooch Comfortable.

The “dog days” of summer have arrived and with them all the fun that comes from spending it with our best friends.

Sunny days, long evenings and good weather mean plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with our dogs.

However, the hotter days also mean that we need to be extra careful when it comes to our precious pooches.

The thick coats that our dogs have mean that they feel the heat a lot more than us humans do.

As the mercury in the thermometers rises, heavier coats and over exertion can mean our dogs run the risk of heatstroke when out for their daily exercise.

So, whether its 15 degrees or 30, be careful and follow these tips to ensure a safe, fun walk for the both of you.

10 Tips To Mind Your Dog In Hot Weather

1/ Schedule Your Walks

man walking dog in the evening to avoid the heat BusterBox

The sight of azure blue skies and beaming sunshine, the hum of heat in the air, a day off with nothing to do… Summer walks are always tempting.

But remember that braving the midday sun is more daunting for our dogs as they really feel the heat.

When it’s hot, pavements can be sizzling and hurt our pal’s paws, so we recommend getting up early in the morning or waiting until later in the evening to get out for your walk as it’s friendlier for our pups.

If it’s hot out and about early then take regular breaks in the shade when you can and keep an eye on your dog.

2/ Bring Water!

It’s crucial to always remember to bring water for your dog on these hot days.

Bring a bottle and a portable bowl so that your friend can rehydrate when’s needed.

One tip is to keep note of how hard they’re panting and get water out once you feel they’re feeling the heat.

3/ Get In The Water!

dog beside water in the hot weather

Just as drinking water helps to regulate your dogs temperature, playing in water helps do the same.

Set up a paddling pool or a sprinkler in your garden, or if you have the option bring your dog for a walk near a water source like a lake or the sea so they can cool themselves down before they go running again!

4/ Watch Out For Heatstroke

Heatstroke occurs in dogs when they can’t regulate their body temperature and end up over heating.

It can be fatal.

While it’s important to know how to avoid it, it’s extremely important to be aware of the signs of heatstroke so that you can act and get emergency treatment from a vet.

Signs of heatstroke include:

  • Lethargy
  • Heavy panting
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Diarrhea/ Vomiting
  • Confusion

If you fear your dog has heatstroke move quickly.

  • Contact vet ASAP
  • Keep dog in the shade
  • Place a cool wet towel over them
  • Pour water over their paws, head and ears (Not ice water as this causes shock.)
  • Continue cooling on way to vet

Remember that all dogs are susceptible to heatstroke but the chances increase if your dog is overweight, thick coated, sick, young or elderly.

5/ Keep Them Groomed

Dog in the sun in the heat panting BusterBox

We’ve already discussed how those heavy coats are potentially responsible for our dogs overheating.

So, let’s keep them in check with regular maintenance and grooming!

Brushing excess hair can help lighten the load but resist the temptation to shave – as this leaves your pooch vulnerable to sunburn.

Contact your groomer about a summer coat that sits comfortably for your buddy.

6/ Less Outdoor, More Indoor

As beautiful as the summer sunshine is, sometimes it can be better to burn our dogs energy off in different ways – especially if your experiencing a heatwave.

Indoor games allow us to spend the quality time our loved ones crave, stimulating them with some fun and letting them use up that boundless energy.

If indoor isn’t an option, stick to cooler hours and more gentle forms of exercise to save your dog becoming too hot.

7/ NEVER Leave Your Dog In The Car

Dogs suffer in hot cars.

The heat combined with the stuffy, claustrophobic atmosphere can be agitating for your loved one as well as potentially dangerous.

As the heat builds dogs become more agitated and the risk of heatstroke goes up.

8/ Protect Their Paws!

dog paws are vulnerable in the hot sun BusterBox

We’ve already mentioned how the heat can cause surfaces such as pavements to heat up to uncomfortable levels for our dogs.

Bringing our dog walking on these hot surfaces runs the risk of harm to their paws.

Our tip here is to test the pavement if unsure by placing your hand on it for ten seconds, if it’s too hot for you it’s too hot for your pal.

9/ Apply Dog Friendly Sun Screen

Did you know that dogs are also susceptible to sunburn?

Certain breeds with short hair or breeds with white hair and pink ears are particularly vulnerable so it’s important to check up with your vet to discuss their requirements.

There are dog friendly sun screens out there that can help your pooch safe when exposed to the hot sun.

10/ Be Mindful

It’s crucial for us to dog parents to be mindful of our furry friends during this hot season.

All these tips can help keep your dog safe but all dogs are different so above all we need to make the right judgement calls for our best friend.

If they’re looking for a walk and it’s too hot? Play a game inside.

If they’re looking to cool down on a walk? Make sure where they swim is safe.

If you’re getting out for a long walk together? Bring water and a portable bowl.

Final Bark

Keeping our beloved dogs safe should be our primary responsibility for the summer months.

By following the above tips, we can ensure our dogs are healthy and happy before enjoying all the treats that summer has on offer.

If the heat concerns you and you’re feeling guilty about it, why not sign up to BusterBox and get a range of goodies and treats to spoilt your loved ones indoors.

That rounds up this week’s BusterBox blog. Keep your eyes peeled for more fun, informative posts!

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