About Us

Our Mission

Our dogs are extremely important to us. We care about your dog too, and believe in giving treats that are naturally produced and chews & toys that are free from harmful chemicals or materials.

Your subscription goes further than just your own dog, by joining our pack & supporting our cause, you are helping other dogs less fortunate than your own. Your custom will go to working with some amazing dog charities to help improve the lives of dogs that aren’t as lucky to have an awesome parent like you!

Back in December we partnered with the amazing guys and gals at Dell Team Ireland and delivered BusterBoxes to some less fortunate dogs at DSPCA without a home for Christmas.

As we grow and develop we will work to improve the lives of dogs throughout Ireland and the UK. BusterBox is about sharing the love!

Our Story

Having cared for our own dogs all our lives, we constantly struggled to find ways to keep them as happy as we would have liked, not to mention as happy as they make us. We really had a lot of problems finding new and exciting toys & treats.

We decided to found BusterBox to help other dog owners to keep their pups happy! We only supply items sourced from Ireland, UK, EU & the USA to ensure safety and satisfaction for every member of our pack.

The Team

Gary Redmond

Hi! I'm Gary and I'm the content editor at our doggy-blog, where we feature some fun and informative articles about dogs and tell cool stories that people can relate to with their own pups. BusterBox is about giving back to your dog, and we try to give back to our customers too.

Liam Brennan

Hey there, I'm Liam and I am one of the founders of BusterBox. I take great pride in the work we do here and love the satisfaction we get from seeing the joy on the face of a dog after receiving BusterBox. I have had a great affection for dogs from a young age and this company really lets me be creative while doing something that I love.

Paul Carrick

Hey, I'm Paul and I love the fact we founded BusterBox. I have been a huge dog lover since I can remember and I have always dreamed of one day working with them. I realised first hand how difficult and expensive it is to find good quality dog toys and treats. BusterBox will change all that!

Our Dogs

None of this would be possible without the two best friends, Ben & Milly. Ben is a sweet and soft 7-year-old Golden Retriever and Milly is a small and very excitable 4-year-old Jack Russell. They have been friends since Milly was rescued in 2011 because they are (almost) next door neighbours in Dublin, Ireland.

They love going for walks together in Dublin and every step of the way they are together, Ben keeps Milly calm on their walks because she can get very excited and he makes sure she is always safe just behind him.

They love being mascots for BusterBox and relish their job as quality control officers, (well, they do get lots of treats) and they help us find the best toys and goodies to be sent out to the other dogs that sign up to our service.

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