red dog having fun at easter

How to Celebrate Easter with your Dog: Top 5 Tips for Spoiling your Pooch this Easter

Spring is in the air and with it the scent of promise. The long, dark, and frosty nights of winter are pushed back as the warm, inviting hug of summer beckons. So, as the long Easter weekend draws near for us humans, what better way to spend it than by catching up on some quality hours with our loving dogs.

For Spring brings fun for our doggies too. Longer evenings, nicer weather, and more energetic owners result in happier times for our perky pals.

Walks treats and quality time are just some of the ways we can thank our dogs for being there for us during the lonely bite of Winter nights.

As the dog days of summer beckon, let’s look at how we can celebrate the long Easter weekend with our dogs and bring in the better weather together…

Top 5 Tips to Celebrate Easter with your Dog

1/ Take in the longer evenings

dog being brought on a walk during spring
Photo by Delphine Beausoleil on Unsplash

Drinking in the fresh air, breathing in sweet floral aromas, and enjoying the long stretch in the evenings.

This is a great opportunity to spoil your pooch with their favourite pastime. Walkies.

It’s good for humans too, as what better way to enjoy the long weekend than by clearing the head out in nature.

And for a relaxed, carefree walk for owner and dog alike, why not check out our new Flexi-lead, available free with any pup fit package purchased!

2/ Chocolate: To eat, or not to eat.

dog licking lips looking for chocolate

While Easter signals a deluge of chocolate for us humans, it is critical that you DO NOT give some to your dog under any circumstance…

Even if they give you those sad, puppy-dog eyes!

The reason for this is that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Cocoa contains an active ingredient called Theobromine. This acts as a stimulant for dogs that cannot be broken down by their liver or digested.

This is why we need to be especially careful about leaving bits of chocolate lying around the place as our furry friends will still eat it!

If you’re worried they may have eaten some accidentally, don’t panic! Give your vet a call, and they’ll be able to assist you.

If for some reason the vet is unavailable, reassure yourself that eating chocolate is rarely fatal for dogs, so even if your pal is sick, they will be ok.

No chocolate? No problem. Check out our healthy treats and stop feeling guilty about enjoying your Easter eggs!

3/Dog Easter Egg Hunt

dog sniffing for eggs in an Easter egg hunt
Photo by Will on Unsplash

Egg hunts are the staple mark for Easter games!

Why not include your doggy this year for to create some special Easter memories! Don’t let a no to chocolate put you off creating this fun game!

Here’s how you go about preparing your hunt:

Use Real Eggs/ Doggy treats – Peel the shells of some hard-boiled eggs or gather a few of your favourite scooby snacks!

Hide them strategically – Maybe behind your dog’s bed, or out behind a plant, or where they hide their toys.

Give them a head start – Firstly, let your dog get a whiff of what he’s after so they can pick up the scent. Then proceed to help them find the first one.

Encourage and have fun! – Once they find their first one, give them the praise, get them motivated and start having some fun!

4/ Doggy photoshoot

Make sure to capture all of the wonderful memories you and your dog experience together this Easter weekend. Whether it’s sharing with friends, sticking in a photo album, or even posting on your dogs very own Instagram account!

There’s no better content out there than the pure goodness that comes from our waggy-tailed friends.

For those who are looking for fun Easter extras, a pair of bunny ears is sure to go down a treat and provide a barrel of laughs from friends and family alike.

5/ Easter Hamper for your dog

BusterBox full of treats and goodies for your dog

Easter is a time for giving. It marks the finishing line of Lent and it’s a time where we deserve to spoil ourselves.

So why not spoil your loyal companion too?

Our BusterBox bundles are a sure-fire way to make our dogs feel special and give them the love they deserve. A combination of indestructible toys and tasty treats await and will change the way your dog sees the postman forever!

Your dog may not be able to eat Easter Eggs, but the possibilities for celebration don’t stop there. So make the most of the long weekend with your cute loved one, and set the tone for a summer of fun ahead.

Be sure to stay tuned to our BusterBox blog as we continue to explore our canine companions in some exciting up and coming content!