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Paws In Work: Everything You Need To Know

What Is Paws In Work/?

Paws in Work is a mental health-focused wellbeing company led by puppies (not literally!) with a mission “to create a better life for people and pups”.

They provide puppy therapy sessions, aid puppy socialisation, spread awareness of ethical breeding in the UK and offer mental health first aid training.

How Does It Work?

They offer one-of-a-kind puppy therapy sessions in your workplace encouraging employees to take 25 minutes away from their desks, recharge, and cuddle litter of adorable puppies.

Employees can leave their stresses at their desk and cover themselves in puppy cuddles in a relaxing ‘summer garden’ set up.

They are guaranteed to return to their to-do list in a happier state – how could you not?!

What Are The Benefits?

paws in work puppies and mental health

Apart from getting smothered in puppy kisses and making the whole of your Instagram jealous, there are many benefits to puppy therapy – including scientific benefits- you might want to send this to your boss!

Research by The Mental Health Foundation states that playing, stroking, or just sitting with an animal allows people to relax and calm the mind. Not only this, but studies have also found that being surrounded by dogs can reduce cortisol levels in the brain whilst simultaneously releasing oxytocin (or the love hormone more commonly known) in both humans and pups. Ultimately, happy staff are productive staff.

Aside from the scientific benefits, it also allows employees to switch off from work and meet new people in a comfortable, relaxed environment. This is especially important with many workplaces now choosing hybrid working for their staff; if you want to get employees back into the office, puppies will almost certainly do that.

Where Do The Puppies Come From?

The wellbeing of the puppies is at the heart of what Paws in Work do, that’s why not only are they proud to be fully licensed, but they also ensure the litters they work with come from vetted, reputable, and fully trusted owners

Before working with each litter, the owner will go through a stringent screening process to ensure they are ethical and the wellbeing of pups is also their number one priority.

Why Puppies?

Experts suggest that puppies should meet 90 people in their first 90 days in order to be truly socialised, this opportunity doesn’t always present itself to every dog owner.

The socialisation of puppies is essential to their development allowing them the best chance to grow into happy, healthy dogs.

When a puppy joins the Paws in Work socialisation programme, not only can they meet up to 400 people in any given week, they are also exposed to many new surroundings and experiences. All of this is done in a controlled space where they’re observed and cared for at all times.

Is It Just For Big Corporations?

No! If Paws in Work can transform your space into a summer garden, they can come to you with a litter of puppies. They’ve been to large corporations, small companies, schools, universities and hospices. They believe everyone deserves a chance to get covered in puppies!

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of a puppy therapy session depends on several factors, get in touch to find out

Where Did The Idea Come From?

Founder of Paws in Work, Ashley Fry, was inspired by his love of an English Bulldog named Nelson; who not only helped him through some of the toughest times of his life but also those around him.

At the time he was working on employee wellbeing sessions and saw the benefits of being surrounded by dogs at work to improve the mental health of colleagues.

Ashley found that it’s not always possible for employees to enjoy time with animals, due to busy schedules and lengthy commutes so bringing puppies into the workplace seemed like the perfect fit.

4 years later and Paws in Work is still bringing smiles to many faces across London and beyond.

Is It Just Puppy Training?

Alongside puppy therapy events, Paws in Work offer mental health training through a variety of MHFA-accredited courses, workshops and bespoke talks. They are designed to raise awareness and provide employees with the right kind of tools to have difficult conversations and able to spot signs and symptoms of those in need in the workplace and beyond. Something they believe all workplaces should implement as part of their wellbeing strategy.

Not in London and want puppy therapy? Great news, they also offer virtual puppy therapy no matter where you are!

Where Can I Learn More?

To find out more about puppy therapy events and mental health training, visit the Paws in Work website or find them on social media for your daily fix of adorable puppies – you won’t be disappointed!