Potty Training Tips From BusterBox

Puppy Potty Training In 9 Simple Steps

Potty training your puppy requires you to be thorough, diligent, and patient.

Naturally, this is going to be a process where mistakes will happen in the shape of little accidents. Just remember that consistency is key in what rules you’re trying to implement, so don’t be thrown off by the occasional incident, they’re a part of the training!

Now, let’s look at 12 simple tips and tricks that will help you potty train your puppy as you seek to integrate them into their new family life.

12 Tips & Tricks For Puppy Potty Training

1. Establish A Schedule

First things first, we need to establish a schedule for your pup to do their business.

A schedule teaches your furry friend the times to relieve themselves. This is an important thing to try to nail down early, as it will help regulate your puppy’s internal clock for when it’s time to go.

For this schedule, bring your puppy outside at least every 2 hours. Also bring them outside after they wake up, during and after playing, and after eating or drinking.

Did you know? A puppy can control their bladder for approximately one hour for every month of their age! So, a three-month-old puppy has three hours of bladder control. This is a handy rule of thumb to follow as the longer time passes, the more likely an accident becomes.

2. Choose A Spot

Next up you need to pick a place outdoors where you want your puppy to relieve themselves.

Every time you bring your puppy out for this purpose, walk them over on a leash – this helps to reinforce the act they’re doing.

3. Reinforce And Praise

Reinforce the association further by using a specific word as they relieve themselves.

Praise immediately upon completion and reward with a treat.

4. Have A Schedule For Meals

Draw up a meal schedule for your puppy to try instill consistency in their potty training.

By regulating the times when your puppy ingests, you’re also regulating the times when they need to excrete.

5. Remove Water Before Bedtime

Worried that your puppy may wee during the night? Mitigate this risk by removing their water dish two to three hours before bedtime.

Did you know? Most puppies can sleep approximately seven hours without needing to relive themselves.

If you’re woke in the night to assist them excrete, take your puppy out to their designated spot as per normal.

6. Supervise, Supervise, Supervise

By keeping an eye on your puppy you can gauge when they need to relieve themselves.

Keep an eye out for signs like:

  • Barking
  • Scratching
  • Sniffing around
  • Circling

If you see these signs, follow the steps previously outlined!

7. If You Can’t Supervise, Confine

Ideally, we’ll be around to supervise our new pup. However, when the time arrives when you need to be away, keep your dog restricted to a small area. This will deter them from eliminating there.

Our recommendation is to either crate train your puppy or relieve themselves after time spent away.

Remember: Bring your puppy straight out to relieve themselves after time spent away.

8. Remember, Mistakes Will Happen

Accidents happen! They’re a completely natural and normal part of the training process, so here’s what to do if a mistake is made:

  • Take them outside to finish it.
  • Never punish them! It does more harm than good.
  • Clean the area! Puppies will be more motivated to soil an area which carries the smell of previous defecation.

9. If You’re Away, Hire Help

If you’re away for an extended period, arrange for someone you trust or hire a pet sitter who can keep your puppy’s potty training up to scratch.

You should also invest in dog litter products found at your local pet supply stores.

Final Bark

Potty training is an essential part of your puppy to do list. It may seem like a tedious process but if done properly, it will make life a lot easier for the rest of your happy days spent together!

It can also be a lot of fun praising your puppy and giving them rewards for their good, learned behaviour.

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That rounds up this week’s BusterBox blog. Keep your eyes peeled for more fun, informative posts!