The Benefits Of Walking Your Dog In A Harness

There is nothing better than taking your dog out for a walk during a warm summer’s evening to destress and relax (for both the owner and the dog). It’s the perfect time to bond with your dog. It allows your dog the chance to explore their surroundings, socialize with other dogs, and of course stretch their legs!

Some dog owners opt for a collared dog walk whilst others pick what tends to be a more stress-free option of a Harness. But other than super cute designs such as those sold on Cocopup, what are the actual benefits of walking your dog in a Harness?


Ultimately, it is much more comfortable for some dogs to wear a harness than it is a collar. It can help to reduce the risk of injury if you have a pulling pup as the harness distributes pressure across the whole body. Neck injuries are therefore less likely and there will be less pressure on their eyes too if they do pull.


You will have more control over your dog. Harnesses offer more points of control on your dog, not limited to only their necks. As well as this, harnesses are notoriously much more difficult for dogs to escape from which can give peace of mind when taking a cheeky wanderer for walks. It is also typically a really great option for puppies who have yet to be trained in the art of walking on a lead.


Harnesses can come in a variety of styles offering alternative lead attachments, both in the back  or in the front which can help to discourage pulling. Dog harnesses also often feature adjustable necks, a step-in feature for quick and simple application, and many support options for all breeds of dogs. Did we already mention the amazing designs that Harnesses can also come in?


At Cocopup one of our best sellers has always firmly been our Dog Walking Harnesses range. The Cocopup Harnesses are available in Reversible and Adjustable Neck styles. Reversible Harnesses are often a favourite with our smaller pup-stomers whereas our Adjustable Neck Harnesses are specifically designed to meet the requirements of dogs in all shapes and sizes. You can shop the Cocopup Adjustable Neck Harnesses here or why not opt for a matching Lead and Collar Bundle to complete the full set!