BusterBox Dog Treat Box

What’s A Dog Treat Box? BusterBox: The Best Box Experience

There’s no better way to show your furry friend love than a dog treat box full of exciting toys and tasty treats.

Monthly parcels packed with treats have become a dog parent’s best way to not only spoil their dog but to bond with them as they create an endless host of everlasting fun with each box delivered.

Let’s take a look at what goes into a dog treat box and how they create such magical memories.

What Is A Dog Treat Box?

Photo by Chris Arthur-Collins on Unsplash

A dog treat box is a promise of wonder, fun and excitement to your pooch.

It’s easy to see why.

It’s a monthly parcel that contains a variety of toys and treats that will delight your furry friend time and time again.

Why Should I Buy A Dog Treat Box?

One question you might have is why should you keep the boxes coming after your first order?

Well, it’s because your dog will never stop loving them.

A dog’s brain is similar to that of a young child. One of these similarities is that they both love new things.

This is known as neophilia. Research shows that dogs will overwhelmingly choose to play with a new toy over more familiar objects. So, the delight never runs out. In fact, they’ll associate the arrival of a box with such joy that the sight of it will fill them with excitement!

For many of us dog parents, prior commitments mean we have the unfortunate burden of spending time away from our dogs.

When our dogs are left alone, they can become bored, stressed, and even anxious. This can lead to separation anxiety and a host of negative behaviours.

A lack of mental stimulation is one of the driving forces of this. That’s why a combination of toys from tugs and balls to chew toys and puzzles are a great way to keep your dog content alone.

So, a monthly box not only promises fun physical activity to bond over, but it also keeps your dog happy during the times you’re apart.

Why Is BusterBox The Best Dog Treat Box?

BusterBox Ruff Star Theme Dog Treat Box
(Ruffstar BusterBox Theme)

Here at BusterBox, we absolutely love dogs.

Three childhood best friends who adored dogs wanted to create a service that supplied joy to dogs and their parents.

With the toys in pet stores lacking in imagination and variety, they came up with the idea for a parcel of unique quality treats that would never stop delighting.

We’ve become the biggest and best subscription box service since.

What’s In The BusterBox Dog Treat Box?

An experience created from the finest toys and treats available.

We get all the key details about your fur baby and craft you the perfect box.

BusterBox Dog Treat Box Toys

You’ll get x3 high-quality toys sustainably sourced and made with the highest quality materials. They’re built to last and come in endless fun, exciting and creative themes.

BusterBox Christmas Theme Dog Treat Box
Just like our festive Christmas theme which you can check out here.

BusterBox Dog Treat Box Treats

Our treats are mouthwateringly delicious and packed with nutrients for your furry friend.

We offer everything from yummy apple fish wraps to hearty meaty bites.

Special dietary requirements? No problem. We can cater to whatever your need is. So, we’re guaranteed to have your doggy drooling…

What Makes The BusterBox Dog Treat Box Standout?

BusterBox  Perks

Here at BusterBox, we go further than the box. Here are the promises we make to all our pack members.

BusterBox Perks

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to prove we’re the best dog treat box out there.

That’s why we offer:

  • Free welcome gift with your 1st box.
  • Free 24hr vet support.
  • Loyalty rewards throughout the subscription.
  • 15% member discounts for essentials in our store.
  • Rewards when you refer your friends.
  • A tail-wagging guarantee!

BusterBox Sustainability

All of our boxes are 100% recyclable.

We only supply items sourced from Ireland, the UK, the EU, and the USA to ensure safety and quality.

All of our toys and chews are naturally produced and free from harmful chemicals or materials.

BusterBox Charity Work

We’re all about spreading love and happiness everywhere we go, that’s why we strive to make our dog treat boxes go even further.

We believe in helping other dogs less fortunate than your own. So, we’ve partnered with amazing dog charities to deliver BusterBoxes to less fortunate dogs without a home.

The BusterBox Reviews

BusterBox Customer Reviews
(Reviews: Trustpilot)

If you’re still unsure, we’ll leave these reviews from our amazing pack members which speak for themselves!

See for yourself why we’re the best dog treat box around!

My Cockapoo loves her BusterBox. Full of toys and treats. She’s jumping at the box before we open it. Absolutely value for money and the best quality products. Even got popcorn for dogs at Halloween which she adored!

Claire, GB, 27/11/22

BusterBox is AMAZING. I’m not sure if I’m more excited than my dog sometimes. The customer service is the best I’ve ever received? They always make you feel welcomed and listened to.

Lex, GB, 25/11/22

I am extremley impressed with BusterBox. All items are high quality and the natrual treats have proved invaluable for training purposes. For a dog that can destroy toys in minutes, each toy has proved to be durable and long lasting. Delivery is regular and on time. Great value for money!

Lisa, GB, 24/11/22

These are just some of the great reviews we’ve received!

Final Bark

A dog treat box is a fantastic way to make monthly moments of joy happen in your household. We promise you there’s no cuter sight than your dog’s tail wagging when he sees his BusterBox before him.

These magical memory-building experiences are just a click away. Get started with us today and for a limited time, we’ll also provide you with a FREE home camera and a FREE bonus holiday toy, just in time for Christmas!

We hope to welcome you to the BusterBox pack soon, let’s get those tails a-wagging!