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Why Are Dogs Scared Of Fireworks+How To Manage

Happy Halloween to all our BusterBox pack! This is a spooky time of fun where we can have loads of fun dressing up our dogs and spoiling them senseless.

However, dogs are scared of fireworks, so Halloween can be a tricky period to navigate.

In this post, we’re going to explore why dogs are scared of fireworks and the steps you can take to ensure their comfort and safety.

Happy Halloween!

Why Are Dogs Scared of Fireworks?

Dogs Are Scared Because Fireworks Are Too Loud

Every year, people experience damage to their ears from the noise of fireworks. Fireworks produce a sound output in the 150-175 decibel range, making them noisy for us but even noisier for our dogs…

This is because a dogs hearing is quite a lot better than our own.

Four times better to be more precise.

Dogs are scared of fireworks; the noise is loud, intimidating, and unexpected. This frightens our furry friends and causing anxiety and in some cases aggression.

Dogs Are Scared Because Fireworks Are Threatening

As well as being extremely loud, there’s also a very unpredictable nature to firework bangs. This makes our dogs perceive the noise as a threat.

When fireworks make our dogs become scared, it activates fight or flight mode. This leads to uncontrollable barking from our dog or the alternative of them hiding and even trying to run away.

Fireworks Are Unpredictable

Dos are oblivious to the nature of fireworks. Because they go off unexpectedly at random intervals, our dogs can’t get used to them.

The loud bangs and bright flashes confuse them further and make them scared.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe On Halloween

Now, let’s look at the best steps and practices to prevent your dog from being scared of fireworks, and towards a safer, happier Halloween.

1/ Get Your Exercise In Before The Fireworks Start

We’ve seen the reasons why dogs are scared of fireworks. So, let’s plan accordingly and prepare appropriate walking times to avoid this risk.

Try and get your walks in early before evening arrives with all the noise that follows. If you’re working, try see if you can arrange a friend to get your dog out. If you can tire your dog out early, it’ll help when the fireworks start.

2/ Create A Safe Zone In The House

We all know Halloween is a noisy night, so let’s prepare appropriately for it.

We want to make it as comfortable as possible for our dogs Let’s start by bringing food and drink into the house so they don’t have to go outside and hear the chaos.

Now, let’s create a safe space for your dog.

For crate trained dogs, place blankets within the crate, cover it over and leave the door open so they don’t feel trapped.

Alternatively, you can provide the same safe-zone for your dog under a table.

3/ Put Background Noise On

The loud firework explosions are scary for your dog.

Try and mask this noise by sticking the tv/ radio on at a suitable level.

Top Tip: Play some classical music, it’s proven to relax dogs!

4/ Keep Your Dog Occupied

Halloween can be a tough time for your dog.

Why not help them through in a fun, engaging way? Our BusterBox goodies are full of treats and toys that will help keep your dog happily distracted!

5/ Give Your Dog Reassurance

This is a great chance for you to be a fantastic dog parent! Give your furry friend the positive attention they deserve with loads of belly rubs and gentle encouragement.

6/ Make Sure Your Dog Is Microchipped

Previously, we looked at the importance of microchipping your dog.

We’ve seen how the unpredictable bang of fireworks may induce a fight or flight response. If the latter happens and your dog somehow manages to escape, it’s crucial to have them microchipped so animal services can identify you as the owner.

7/ Keep Your House Securely Sealed

Mitigate the risk of your dog escaping by ensuring all windows and doors are firmly closed.

Inform all house members of the importance of being mindful during this time.

8/ Don’t Keep Your Dog Confined To One Room

If your dog exhibits signs of stress it can be harmful to keep them cooped up. Give them access to all safe areas in the house instead.

9/ Minimize Firework Flashes

Pull the curtains and leave the lights on indoors to reduce the impact of distressing firework flashes on your dog.

10/ Conduct Sound Training

Refuse to allow your dog to be afraid of next years fireworks! Set up training sessions throughout the year to acclimatize your dog to loud firework noises.

  1. Find a firework sound effect online and play it at low levels for brief periods.
  2. Give your dog treats and praise when they’re calm.
  3. Stop giving them treats when the sound is off.
  4. Turn up sound gradually in further training sessions until your dog associates noise with treats and praise!

Final Bark

Halloween can be a challenging time for our furry friends. Fireworks can leave them scared, distressed, and anxious.

Follow these steps to ensure your dogs safety over the spooky period.

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