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Product Offering: BusterBox is a monthly subscription box delivering a curated selection of healthy treats and engaging toys for dogs.

Founding Date: Established in 2016, the brand has rapidly grown in popularity.

Founders: Founded by three childhood friends - Liam Brennan, Paul Carrick, and Gary Redmond, who share a passion for canine well-being.

Service Areas: Primarily catering to the Irish & UK markets, with plans for future expansion.

Happy Paws: Since its inception, BusterBox has brought joy to thousands of dogs across Ireland and the UK.

Community Impact: With its consistent commitment to quality, BusterBox has become a trusted name among dog owners in its service regions.

Appearances In The Media

Business Post:
Dog treats subscription firm BusterBox to launch premium grain-free food.
Highlight: BusterBox plans to introduce a premium line of grain-free dog food, reflecting their commitment to canine health and nutrition.

Business Plus:
Startups Profile: BusterBox
Highlight: A deep dive into the startup journey of BusterBox, shedding light on its origins and growth trajectory

The Times:
How I made it: Lockdown was the mutt's nuts for Gary Redmond's BusterBox dog treat boxes
Highlight: Founder Gary Redmond discusses the unexpected boom in business during the lockdown, with the article providing insights into the company's adaptability and resilience.

In Business Ireland:
Winners of Aer Lingus Start-Up Awards Announced
Highlight: BusterBox gains recognition by being announced as one of the winners of the prestigious Aer Lingus Start-Up Awards.

Dragons’ Den YouTub:
BusterBox Dragons Den Appearance
Highlight: Two of the Dragons make BusterBox an offer on TV.

Irish Times:
Beating Brexit, one dog biscuit at a time
Highlight: An account of how BusterBox successfully navigated the complexities of Brexit, ensuring a steady supply of treats for its subscribers.

Fact Sheet

• Over 1 million dog products shipped.

• Growing rapidly in Ireland & The UK.

• All Boxes shipped once a month.

• Current customers fanatical about our products.

• All high quality items with many of them unique to our box.

• Effort is made to help dog charities.

Charity Work

At BusterBox, our commitment extends beyond providing premium treats and toys for subscribed pets. We believe in the well-being of all dogs, especially those less fortunate, and strive to make a positive impact in their lives.

Over the years, we've been privileged to support various charitable organizations and individual cases, ensuring that even those without a forever home get to experience joy and comfort.

We have donated boxes to the following charities and many more:

Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind


Irish Blue Cross

Manchester Pug Army

Our Wheelie Big Journey (Noah & Ivy)

And many more...

Giving back is ingrained in the BusterBox ethos, and we continually seek opportunities to make a difference in the canine community. Our dream is for every dog, irrespective of their circumstances, to experience love, care, and a little bit of BusterBox magic.



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