Delightful New Year Resolutions For Your Dog

2023 has arrived, and with it? a clean slate for all of us eager dog lovers!

It’s entirely understandable that after the Christmas season, we may be feeling sluggish, tired and a little demotivated. The thought of New Year resolutions can seem daunting and unattractive.

However, this is where we can use our beloved dogs as a form of motivation.

Whether we’re looking to get fit, become healthier or experience new things; we can include our dogs so that they can benefit too while also helping us through the hump!

There are many great ideas for New Year resolutions for your dog, so let’s take a look at some options that will spark some ideas!

New Year Resolutions For Your Dog

1/ Exercise

Exercice can be one of the New Year resolutions for your dog

Exercise is crucial to cultivating mental and physical well being for both us and our dogs.

This can often be neglected during Christmas, so, start the year off the right way by getting out their with your dog.

Exercise helps:

  • Lower your dog’s blood pressure.
  • Promotes healthier digestion.
  • Releases frustration and pent-up energy.

Looking for ideas?

Why not, consider taking longer and more frequent walks, fitting in extra playtime or even visit a dogpark together.

Whatever you choose, know that exercise is a fantastic keystone habit to implement for the coming year.

2/ Healthier Eating

Christmas is a time for feasting, so it’s only natural that you and your pup might feel the effects of excess kick in.

Combat this by feeding your dog a healthier diet this year.


  • Feed your dog better quality food.
  • Give more nutritious treats.
  • Plan a programme with your vet.

Remember, a healthy dog is a happy dog, so sharpen up your diets and reap those good feeling rewards together!

3/ Teach Your Dog A New Trick

Previously we debunked the belief that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Dogs are always eager and willing to learn on a 24/7 basis. They look up to you as the pack leader and love it when you display that leadership.

By teaching your dog a new trick you can help grow your bond while also having a lot of fun doing so.

4/ Create New Experiences

The fresh start of the new year gives us the freedom to try new things. And who better to experience things with than your dog?

Why not try:

  • Grabbing a coffee and puppuccino together.
  • Travel to new parks and places.
  • Try dog yoga.

There are so many options, the only limit is your creativity!

5/ Charity

A wholesome New Year resolutions for your dog is to focus on giving back.

It’s sad but after Christmas, dog shelters are often full of abandoned dogs to the point that the shelters are undermanned with a lack of critical resources.

This gives you a great opportunity to give back and climb aboard by either donating or volunteering. Remember, every little bit goes a long way.

6/ Grooming

The season of festive fun might be over, but the season of self care has just begun!

Grooming is an important part in maintaining your dogs coat, skin and paws. It helps get rid of troublesome ticks and fleas while also tackling various unhealthy conditions which could potentially cause your dog problems.


  • Trimming your dogs nails more regularly.
  • Bathe your dog more frequently.
  • Brush their coat more often.
  • Consider supplements.

7/ Dental Hygiene

Just as a healthy coat is important, dental hygiene is imperative to your dog’s well being.

Dental hygiene prevents tooth loss and periodontal disease which can cause pain and even organ damage if left unchecked.

Start the year by going for a dental check up and start getting in the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth to avoid those nasty issues.

8/ Look After Mental Well Being

A pivotal New Year resolution for your dog should be to start taking a keen interest in their mental well being.

Mental stimulation is a must for any dog’s lifestyle.

It can help them:

  • Lower stress.
  • Help them learn.
  • Cure boredom.
  • Solve bad behavioural issues.

Puzzles, games, toys and walks are all excellent methods to ensure your dog feels mentally fulfilled and ultimately, happy.

9/ Organise Their Life

Get your dog’s kennel in order for the coming year!

Make your pet parent life easier by getting organised.

Clean up your dog’s space, recycle old toys and make sure pet insurance and microchip details are up to date.

Do this early and you’ll save yourself a lot of future headaches.

10/ Get Regular Check Ups

Sickness and injury are an unfortunate part of life. Start mitigating these harmful risks by taking your fur baby to your vet for regular check ups.

Bi annual visits will help ensure you prevent any harmful habits build up or any hidden diseases fester.

Vets are trusted professionals with insight and experience. Don’t hesitate to ring if you feel something is up with your beloved.

11/ Get Creative

One of the fun New Year resolutions for your dog can be for you to get creative on both of your behalf’s!

Try create your own toys, decorate the kennel, build a maze or even try conduct an Easter Egg hunt later in the year.

Keep things fun and fresh as you develop your bond even further.

12/ Spend More Time Together

We’ll save the best for last.

Whatever fun New Year resolutions for your dog you plan, remember that the most important is to spend time with them.

There’s no one our dogs love more than us, so let’s lighten up their lives by spending quality time together and creating new memories.

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