the team

Liam, Co-Founder

Hi folks, my name is Liam, and I’m one of BusterBox’s Co-Founders. I’ve been a part of the BusterBox journey since day one, joining forces with two friends with the shared goal of providing the best dog subscription box service on the market. My day-to-day work sees me take charge of running our marketing campaigns.
We have a great team here that is a pleasure to work alongside. It’s tough to pick one favourite part of my job but I love the fact we make so many dogs happy. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing thousands of waggy-tails with our product every month.
My own dog is a cute Jack Russel whose name is Milly. She’s a ball of energy and can run all day! I love bringing her out for long walks where she runs like crazy all around the park.

Paul, Co-Founder

Hi everybody, I’m Paul and I’m a Co-Founder of BusterBox! My two best friends and I started BusterBox back in 2016 and we’ve been delivering happiness in a box ever since. I handle everything got to do with the products and the supply chain in my day-to-day work.
We founded BusterBox because firstly, we love dogs and secondly, we wanted to make it easier and more affordable for other dog owners to spoil their pups too. I have owned and loved dogs my whole life so I find it both enjoyable and exciting to come to work every day at BusterBox. We have a great, dedicated team here so working with them every day to deliver great products and experiences is amazing.
For the past 13 years, I’ve been the lucky owner of Ben, the Golden Retriever. He has been the most amazing and loving dog. He was extremely energetic his whole life but as he’s gotten older he’s grown more fond of the couch! I also have two adorable Cavachon dogs with my fiancé called Ted and Ron.

Gary, Co-Founder

Hey everybody, I’m Gary, Co-Founder of BusterBox. I’ve been here since the beginning, setting up BusterBox with my two childhood best friends. We launched BusterBox to make it easier for pet parents to spoil their dogs with the things they love. Our dogs make us so happy, so… they deserve it! My day-to-day work sees me take charge of our email marketing.
The journey at BusterBox has been full of hard work and excitement and the best is still to come as we strive to offer the best possible experience any dog parent could wish for. I enjoy being creative with our email marketing strategy but the thing I love most is working with our brilliant, dedicated team to make dogs and owners happy.
I’ve been surrounded by dogs growing up and I’ve always loved how loving and funny they are. Coming home to find them so excited to see you, they just make life that much better whenever they are around. While I don’t own one currently, I am looking into the possibility of adopting a rescue into my pack!

Lana, Customer Service Representative

Hey BusterBox pack! My name is Lana, proud member of the BusterBox customer service team where I spend my days solving any problems our pack members have.
I chose BusterBox as I was interested in learning something new in an inclusive environment. I also adore dogs! I love working in customer service. I’ve always worked in sales and love interacting with different people. It’s always enjoyable being able to help our fantastic customers.
My dog is a three-year-old Labrador named Kuna. She has boundless energy and loves making friends with every new person she meets! Our favourite pastime is to go for early morning walks together.

Stephanie, Head of Brand Partnerships

Hi guys, I’m Steph, head of brand partnerships at BusterBox! My role is to facilitate all marketing collaborations with like-minded brands that share our waggy-tailed passion.
It was a pleasure to join the team at BusterBox as the company shares my values on diversity and because dogs are the cutest?! I love the close-knit bond our team shares as well as being able to reach out to business owners who have similar goals and even better dog stories.
My family have adopted a new fur baby, a Shi Tzu x Croatian Sheppard called Jake. Jake is smart and cute and adores cuddles and toys. He loves my kids and insists on sleeping in their room!

Katarina, Customer Service Representative

Hello! My name is Katarina and I’m a Customer Service Representative at BusterBox. I’m here to help navigate any customer requests or complaints and do my best to ensure your experience with BusterBox is a happy one .
I’m delighted with my position at BusterBox for two reasons: the first is that I’m a HUGE dog lover and the second is because I’m a people person – so this role ticks both boxes for me. I love working with an incredible team that shares the same goal of making dogs dance with joy every month when their BusterBox arrives!
I have a 6-year-old Brittany Spaniel named Sage. She only has two modes, on or off, there’s no in between. She behaves like a cat in the house but a cheetah in the field! We love to play fetch together in the park. She’s very athletic and rarely misses the ball!

Dominick, Customer Service Representative

Hi there, I’m Dominick, I’m part of the customer service team and it’s my responsibility to keep our pawstomers happy!
I’ve been with the team for almost a month now. I chose to work for BusterBox because I have grown up with dogs and decided this would be a great opportunity to combine work with my passion. I love being a part of a team that takes great care of each other as well as our customers. Although I’ve only been here a short time, they’re like my second family.
I was the proud owner of an American Staffy called Lola. She was my best friend. We used to love to play on the beach together and have fun!

Kristina, Customer Service Manager

Hey there, my name is Kristina and I’m the customer service manager at BusterBox. It’s my job to keep everyone’s tail wagging!
I love working at BusterBox because our team is a family. The best part of my job is forming friendships with our pack members and fixing any issues they may have because when the pack is happy, so am I!
The two good boys in my household are Loui, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Teddy the Bichon Havanese. Loui is food and ball crazy! The kids love playing dress-up with him and I love how gentle he is with them. Teddy is calm and cute! He’s very intelligent and well-behaved and is the baby of our home.

Ric, IT and Logistics Manager

Hi, BusterBox pack! I’m Ric, the Task and Logistics manager. My job is to organize and monitor the distribution of boxes to ensure every one of our pack members gets their BusterBox on time.
Working at BusterBox is fantastic for me as it allows me to combine my love for dogs with the added satisfaction of providing great customer service. The best part about working for BusterBox is being able to deliver great service to all our pack members and ensure both owner and dog have their tails wagging!
I’m the loving owner of Tiny, the Rottweiler. Tiny is kind, loving and compassionate. He loves playing games of catch with the kids down the park.