Stay healthy and happy fur-ever!

Keep your doggie body in shape with weights they won’t let go… also healthy treats will get your pup fit in no time. Beast mode ON!

Beethoven’s favorite fruit

This new toy is sure to never let you run out of potassium and always have a lot of fun wherever you go.

What is orange and sounds like parrot?
Your bud Carrot

Your Carrot bud is sure to keep your eyes safe and protected. A wise man said, there is a reason why bunnies don’t wear glasses!

Know your jam with
The red Strawberry

The tastiest berry your pup will ever have! The best thing is, you can chew em up FOREVAH!!

A move in the ripe direction
Avocado the bro

Now this toy is a all in one! Not only is he tasty, he will be your best bro in the whole world and he’ll always keep you guac-ompany.

Always be pre-pear-ed with
The Pear-fectly cute Pear

This pear is sure to keep you full of serotonin! Just one glance at this cute little toy will keep you happy for the rest of your day.

He is the egg-celent partner

The eggplant is always there to keep an eye on you. She is a real hugger and will comfort you whenever you require!

Yummy Bones

These gourmet treats are truly one of the best tasting treats for your pup. They are 100% natural and will keep your pup coming fore more!

Meaty Bites

Some of the Yummiest and Chewiest dog treats that your pupper will ever have! Made with real chicken it’s an irresistible snack.

Duck a l’Orange

Make your fur baby feel fancy with these delicious treats! With all natural ingredients, your pup is sure to remain healthy!         

Dental Treat – Apple and green tea flavor

Your pup won’t bite your shoes when you have this treat! Designed to massage their gums and full of nutrition, this treat is amazing for your fur baby.

Duck & Venison sausage

This treat is proper food for your pup! With fresh and proper meat, make sure that your doggo is fed properly!

Tapas Gourmet Duck Snacks With Omega3

Not only are these treats 100% natural, they contain OMEGA 3 which improves cardiovascular health! With these treats your doggo will surely live a long and happy life with you.

Pooch & Mutt

These mini dog treats  will ensure fresh breaf for your puppers. They are 100% natural and junk free, making them incredibly healthy!

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