Get ready to play hard and eat well

A mix of some of our best toys and treats to ensure an amazing time for you pup

while he’s training or just playing around.


No need to dive in deep waters just to play with
sea animals. Our stuffed sea plushie is great for
playtime and loved by dogs. Discover the next
plushies designed for your dogs fun times.


Is it cheating if you train your pup for the Easter
Surfer Pup is your dogs true summer time companion. A true favourite made by dog parents and talented dog typists to keep your puppies active
and playful.


Freeze dried turkey treats.Tender turkey treats to stimulate your pups sensory experience. A true gift for every doggo, these fresh and natural treats make for a good snack while playing or training.

Dental Sea Jerky Fish Squares

A healthy pup is a happy pup.
This grain free recipe ensures healthy teeth and gums for your doggo. Made with fresh and natural ingredients, these fish squares deliver a taste your pup will crave.

Apple Fish Wraps

A funky mix of training treats and past-time snacks that will put a smile on your doggies face.
Reward your pups hard work with these delicious fish wraps. We deliver the highest quality treats every month to ensure your sweetheart has something to nib on after playing all day long.

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