Get ready to rock and rawr!

Show your pooch they’re a superstar by rewarding them with the greatest toys and the finest treats.
Pup-arazzi here we come!

Become a six-string legend with
Brian Mays’ guitar    

This guitar is enchanted with the power of the legendary Brian May and you doggo is guaranteed to become a pup-star with it!

Sing the greatest howls with
Mike the Mic

Have the greatest performances with Mike by your side. Howl your favorite songs infront of a huge paw-dience

Be the coolest with
The Universal Ticket

PA universal ticket that can get you an entrance to the best Rock Concerts ever, from ACDC to Queen!

Love Apple Fish Wraps

Some of the best treatos for your pup-star! The Fish Wraps are grain free, healthy and make your doggo feel fancy and happy.

Chicken Filet Strips

Monch on one of the healthiest treats ever. These chicken filet strips will surely make your doggo feel a ton happier and excited!    

Meaty Bites

Some of the Yummiest and Chewiest dog treats that your pupper will ever have! Made with real chicken it’s an irresistible snack.

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